Introducing RAHAB

RAHAB represents two ideas.

Firstly,  it stands for ‘Random Acts of Hope and Blessing’.

Secondly, Rahab is the name of a great woman of faith in the Bible – who also happened to be a prostitute.   She inspires me and makes me realise there is hope for all of us.

My inspiration to start a prayer group called RAHAB happened one day at a local cafe, when a young  girl stole my purse out of my handbag.   Initially I was furious.  I set out for a walk that evening to try to let off some steam and calm down, but instead found myself meditating on who may have stolen my purse, and what place they must have been in to do something like that.  The next day my purse was discovered in a drain behind a local pub.   I described to one of the barmen what the girl looked like from behind and they thought they knew her – a young homeless girl with a young baby.  By this time I was wishing I could do something to help her and my anger had dissipated.  I asked a group of my friends to pray for her and we did this for several weeks.  I’ve never seen this girl again, but many prayers were uttered for her.  

I believe that prayer can make a difference and that there is a loving God who hears our prayers and answers them.    Prayer isn’t something reserved for church-going or ‘religious’ people.   When Jesus visited our planet, He hung out with normal everyday people, and loved chatting with many people on the outskirts of society, who the religious people of his day rejected and ignored.    He transformed lives, spoke truth and offered unconditional love.

RAHAB is about offering prayer to anyone who asks for it.   It is a challenge to you to ask God to make a difference in your life, and to have faith that He is there and he cares about you. 

If you would like us to pray for you, please leave a comment in the section below.  Alternatively,  email me at   We will keep all prayer requests confidential.

Can I encourage you to give it a try?   The first step is asking.


Love & blessings