Introducing RAHAB

RAHAB represents two ideas.

Firstly,  it stands for ‘Random Acts of Hope and Blessing’.

Secondly, Rahab is the name of a great woman of faith in the Bible – who also happened to be a prostitute.   She inspires me and makes me realise there is hope for all of us.

My inspiration to start a prayer group called RAHAB happened one day at a local cafe, when a young  girl stole my purse out of my handbag.   Initially I was furious.  I set out for a walk that evening to try to let off some steam and calm down, but instead found myself meditating on who may have stolen my purse, and what place they must have been in to do something like that.  The next day my purse was discovered in a drain behind a local pub.   I described to one of the barmen what the girl looked like from behind and they thought they knew her – a young homeless girl with a young baby.  By this time I was wishing I could do something to help her and my anger had dissipated.  I asked a group of my friends to pray for her and we did this for several weeks.  I’ve never seen this girl again, but many prayers were uttered for her.  

I believe that prayer can make a difference and that there is a loving God who hears our prayers and answers them.    Prayer isn’t something reserved for church-going or ‘religious’ people.   When Jesus visited our planet, He hung out with normal everyday people, and loved chatting with many people on the outskirts of society, who the religious people of his day rejected and ignored.    He transformed lives, spoke truth and offered unconditional love.

RAHAB is about offering prayer to anyone who asks for it.   It is a challenge to you to ask God to make a difference in your life, and to have faith that He is there and he cares about you. 

If you would like us to pray for you, please leave a comment in the section below.  Alternatively,  email me at   We will keep all prayer requests confidential.

Can I encourage you to give it a try?   The first step is asking.


Love & blessings



14 responses to “Introducing RAHAB

  1. Hello, as a fellow believer in the power of Prayer, I humbly ask for help. My 20 year-old son is finding his way through young adulthood and trying to maintain some self esteem after being abandoned by his father. He’s self-medicated with pot, sleep, and video games, and is very angry inside. He’s started college but seems to be relying too much on his relationship with his girlfriend–if/when it ends, I’m afraid all his progress will be derailed. Prayers of any kind would be appreciated. He’s a brilliant and gifted kid who just needs peace in his heart. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your prayer request. I know it takes quite a bit of courage to ask for prayer. Please know that ten people will be praying for you and your son over the next three weeks. May you and your son find comfort, strength and healing during this time, and into the future – and peace in your hearts. If you require further prayer after this three week period, please let us know. Love & blessings, Kerry

  2. Thanks Kerry, I believe we were introduced via the internet for a reason. And I can already tell you my beautiful boy will need prayer beyond three weeks if it’s not too much trouble–he called me today to tell me that his girlfriend is pregnant, they’re leaving school to come home, and they missed the deadline to get their tuition refunded. Whew. He’s completely freaked out and they don’t know what to do. They do need a lot of warm wishes, good thoughts, and prayer warriors like you all! Please know how grateful I am to be able to ask you, it means so much. May you be richly blessed for this service to those in need!

    • Many thanks for the update. I have forwarded it to our prayer team and please be assured that we will be praying for your son, his girlfriend and for you during this difficult time. God bless, Kerry

    • Hi again ‘Paxgirl’ – I’ve been thinking of you and praying for your son. You’ve been on my mind a lot over the past few days. I really hope the situation has improved over the last couple of months. Would love to hear from you if you have an update. God bless, Kerry

      • Hi Kerry, thanks so much for checking in! My son has started working again, which is bolstering to him in many ways. He still is struggling with anger and depression, so more prayers will be appreciated. He has agreed to get counseling, thank God. His girlfriend decided to exercise her right to choose, and I know this decision is affecting them both profoundly. It’s affecting me as well–as much as I’ve supported reproductive rights, when it hits home it’s an entirely different story, isn’t it? I so admire your blog and this prayer site that you’ve set up; I hope you realize what a positive difference you are making in this world! Thank you again!

      • Hi Robin, Thanks for the update – we will certainly continue to pray for you, your son, and his girlfriend – for healing, peace and renewed hope. It is a pleasure to pray for you – thank you for your honesty in sharing your journey with us. Thanks also for praying for Sarah – that is so kind of you. Please keep in touch! Love, Kerry

  3. Last week, I encountered a young mother in a hospital emergency room who has a brain tumor. She had been waiting three hours in agony. She goes there periodically to get a shot to control the pain, as she is somehow not able to get regular medical attention, possibly due to insurance issues. I don’t expect to ever find out what happens, but I would appreciate it if you would join me in praying that her pain would cease and that she could get proper medical treatment. Her name is Sarah. Thank you.

    • Thanks Tracy – I will send the prayer request around to the team tonight, and we will certainly be praying for Sarah. God bless, Kerry

  4. Tracy, I’m not on the ‘team,’ but I’m sending prayers of strength and peace!

  5. Hi Kerry and team,
    I have kept Sarah in my thoughts and prayers and I’m hoping that her pain and difficulty getting treatment has eased. I would still appreciate prayers for my son; there are ups and downs still, and I’m still so worried about him. He’s my beautiful boy and is in so much pain. He’s working and has started counseling and though I’ve always been ‘the nurturer’ and have never been comfortable asking for help, as a mother I have no problem asking on behalf of my son. It’s going to be a long road for him to learn to deal with his anger and realize he’s enough, just as he is. Thank you for being there, and thank you for ‘listening’–


  6. What a fabulous name for a prayer group! I like what you have made each letter mean, and I like that it alludes to a woman who must have been fiery, and who took a big chance. I think that the scariest quote in the Bible is in Revelations — the one about God wishing a person was either hot or cold, but because the person was lukewarm, God spewed them from His mouth, or something like that. Rahab took a chance, and it happened to be a very good one.
    Regarding prayers, please pray for my husband, who is a deacon. Please pray for my creativity and poetry. And please pray that we will, as individuals and as a couple, become everything that God dreams for us to be.
    Is there anything you would like me to pray for?

    • Thank you for your lovely comment – it seems that you understand perfectly the concept of RAHAB! Our team is currently praying for you – for your husband, for your creativity and poetry & that you and your husband will become everything God dreams for you to be. I’ve also subscribed to your blog, and look forward to getting to know you better through your writing. Now is there anything you can pray for? Well, for me personally, I echo your request, that I too will become everything God dreams for me to be. xx

      • I will keep that in my prayers! 🙂
        I don’t officially follow blogs, because with my health conditions, I get overwhelmed easily. However, I do bookmark blogs that I like, and have bookmarked yours. So, I will be keeping up with what you are posting.
        God bless you!!!

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